Understanding the odds

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At BigDataBall, we always use American odds.

This guide aims to explain the way we display game odds including juices, PKs, and EVENs. Let’s get started with a few sample NBA odds

“13.5 -05”
  –  Identical to “13.5 -105”.
  –  You are betting on the underdog team while the spread is “13.5”.
  –  But you are betting $105 (Juice for the underdog is shown as “-05.”) to win $100.
  –  Usually, you bet $110 to win $100. 
  –  Identical to “220 under 115”. 
  –  You are betting on the under while the O/U is set to “220”. 
  –  But you are betting $115 (Juice for under is shown as “u15”) to win $100.
  –  Usually, you bet $110 to win $100.

“-4.0 EVEN”
  –  Describes a situation where the juice is zero.
  –  You win the exact same amount of money you wagered.
  –  American odds equivalent: -100 or +100

  –  Pick, a.k.a pick’em,
  –  Describes a situation where the spread is 0 (zero),
  –  Both teams’ American odds equivalent: “-110”.

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