Understanding the odds

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At BigDataBall, we always use American odds which are obtained from sources like ScoresandOdds.com and SportsbookReview.com.

This guide aims to explain the way we display game odds including juices, PKs, EVENs. Let’s get started with a few samples:

“13.5 -05”
  –  Identical to “13.5 -105”.
  –  You are betting on the underdog team while the spread is “13.5”.
  –  But you are betting $105 (Juice for the underdog is shown as “-05.”) to win $100.
  –  Usually, you bet $110 to win $100. 
  –  Identical to “220 under 115”. 
  –  You are betting on the under while the O/U is set to “220”. 
  –  But you are betting $115 (Juice for under is shown as “u15”) to win $100.
  –  Usually, you bet $110 to win $100.

“-4.0 EVEN”
  –  Describes a situation where the juice is zero.
  –  You win the exact same amount of money you wagered.
  –  American odds equivalent: -100 or +100

  –  Pick, a.k.a pick’em,
  –  Describes a situation where the spread is 0 (zero),
  –  Both teams’ American odds equivalent: “-110”.

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