NBA Play-By-Play Logs – 2004 to 2016


NBA play-by-play stats are offered in CSV format that has all events occur in a game. Additionally, it includes active lineups, shot distances and shot locations in X,Y coordinates. You get individual game logs and a combined file for the season which includes all games from regular season and playoffs.
Check out FAQ section to find out more.

Access to Play-by-Play Logs

  • Validated NBA stats, with data integrity.
  • Email support provided, response within one day.
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  • Separate access links provided for each season, immediately upon payment.

Multiple Seasons

NBA Historical Play-by-Play Stats



Single Season

NBA Historical Play-by-Play Stats



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Frequently Asked Questions for Play-by-Play Dataset

Dataset comes up with 2 types of files:
1) Individual CSV files for all games played in a season. Historical play-by-play dataset includes regular season and the playoffs.
2) A season-to-date CSV file where all games’ logs are combined into one CSV. Having this file, you can analyze the whole season stats in one sheet.
In brief, our database-friendly (each play presented in a row) log includes every in-game movement such as:
“Active players on the court”, “event time (remaining/elapsing)”, “play length & id”, “activity type (substitution/shot/free throw/turnover/foul committed & drawn/rebound/assist/jump ball etc.)”, “shot location” and “shot coordinates”.
Unzip the sample dataset and open the “(2016-06-10)-0041500404-GSW@CLE.xlsx” where descriptions for all columns have been already provided. Keep in mind that, those descriptions do not appear on the season game logs, so we recommend you to keep the sample file easily accessible until you get along with our play-by-play logs.
We provide shot coordinates in two versions:
1) Original coordinates (belongs to a specific x-axis, y-axis system) that are also being used by the NBA official source.
2) Converted coordinates that reflect real basketball court dimensions in terms of feet. NBA basketball court is 50 feet wide, 94 feet long.
X,Y Coordinates
Please read the column descriptions on the sample file to get a more detailed explanations of coordinates.

Each game log has been named with details such as; “game date”, “game id”, “road team initials” and “home team initials”
Example: [2013-10-29]-0021300001-ORL@IND.csv
For some season, there are missing games which have no play-by-play log provided by the data sources. Also, in the game logs, there are rare instances of undetermined shots where location and distance fields are unknown. Find out detailed log file for missing games.
We have developed an algorithm in which, substitutions and the relevant game events (points, fouls, getting fouled, assist, steals and etc.) that are assigned to players are taken into account. Note that; if the active player listed does nothing or did not take part in any game event while he’s on the court, then the algorithm might not be 100% accurate and validated.