NBA Box Score Team Stats – 2006 to 2016


Exportable to Excel, NBA team box score stats have game-by-game box score stats, possession based efficiency metrics and odds data including games from regular season and playoffs. Check out FAQ section to find out more.

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NBA Historical Box Score Team Stats



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NBA Historical Box Score Team Stats



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Frequently Asked Questions for Box Score Team Dataset

A team box score dataset includes following columns:
Scores: Quarter-by-quarter and final game scores.
Basic Stats: Team totals for field goal attempts, total assists, total rebounds, etc.
Advanced Stats: Game-by-game; possession, pace, offensive efficiency, defensive efficiency.
NBA Odds: Opening and closing point spread, over/under (O/U) total, line movements, moneyline and halftime odds. Note that halftime odds are available starting from the 2010-11 season.
Rest Days: Team’s own and opponent’s days of rest.
Starting Lineups: Position-by-position player match-ups for the starting lineup.
Referees: Three referees who officiated the game.
Official Box Score Links: Link to the official box score page at for each game.
Odds Links: Link to the Vegas odds page of that date at
Datasets of 2006-07, 2007-08 and 2009-10 seasons have incomplete odds data: “Closing odds”, “line movements”, and “moneyline” fields belonging to some games* are missing due to the unavailability of collecting odds from the source for that games.
*: Only ~2.5% of whole odds data in the specified seasons are missing.

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