WNBA In-Season Play-by-Play Data 1 Month Pass



- One-time payment to access to the WNBA play-by-play logs in Excel for one month.
- This subscription will not automatically renew.
- WNBA Play-by-Play logs have all types of plays (such as shots with coordinates, active lineups, turnovers, etc) that occur in a game.

- Data of yesterday's games and all other previously played games are uploaded until 9 AM (ET).
- Each update is season-to-date and includes all games played so far, so it doesn't matter when you sign-up in the season.

- Just sign in to your BigDataBall account to access data.
- If you don't have an existing BigDataBall account, just after the payment, you'll receive an account creation email with a signup link. Once you complete signing up, you are granted immediate access to the data you purchased.

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