How to Claim Former Subscriber Discount
In case you’ve been a season pass subscriber in the previous seasons, reach out to us to renew your in-season plan with 25% discount.

Subscriber Discount - Terms & Conditions
(1) Applies to: “Season pass” and “1 month pass” plans.
(2) Does not apply to: “One-time pass” type of in-season plans, regular season schedules, and historical stats.

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How to Claim Member Discount
To get the 50% member discount, sign up for a free account at BigDataBall. If you have already signed up, just log in to your account and start adding items to your shopping cart.

To have the discount applied, head over to your account page. You need to click the discount activation link. If you have an empty shopping cart, add items first and then re-activate the member discount.

Member Discount - Terms & Conditions
(1) Applies to: Historical stats, one-time pass type of in-season plans, and schedules.
(2) Does not apply to: “Season Pass” and “1-Month Pass” types of in-season plans.

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How to Claim Academic Discount
BigDataBall is proud to support students, academicians and researchers.

To claim 75% academic research discount: fill in the request form.

Academic Research Discount - Terms & Conditions
(1) Applies to: Historical stats.
(2) Does not apply to: Regular season schedules and in-season plans.
(3) You need to use your “.edu” or equivalent educational insitute’s email address when filling the request form.

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