Materials for No-Code Sports Data-Science

Materials for no-code
sports data science

You spend hours trying to collect and clean up sports data.
BigDataBall delivers the most relevant and cost-effective environment for your research.
Analyze sports data in an easier and faster way.

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We will update and deliver datasets in Excel daily, so you can do your analysis while your league’s in full swing.

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NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and WNBA Sports Spreadsheet

NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and WNBA Historical Sports Data in Excel

Historical sports data for NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and WNBA

You have thousands of rows in a historical season dataset: Filter dates, players, teams and opponents, apply your formulas in the comfort of using Excel.

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Data has a better idea

A schedule spreadsheet is the fastest tool to plan a season: Mark the dates of important games, get tickets to the game when rivals coming to town.

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NBA, WNBA, NFL and NHL Schedules in Excel