Materials for No-Code Sports Data-Science

Materials for no-code
sports data science

Get smarter about the game without any coding skills.
Access the complete set of tools to analyze genuinely structured and enriched sports data.

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Jump start your journey to becoming your own data scientist!

Save up to 1 hour a day

Collecting and cleaning-up in-season sports data would cost you hours every day. Let us do the hassle work and deliver the most relevant and cost-effective service throughout the season.

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NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and WNBA Sports Spreadsheet

NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and WNBA Historical Sports Data in Excel

Develop into a data-scientist

Build and backtest your model against historical data: Analyze past trends, apply your own metrics and extract insights into the game.

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Data has a better idea

Get started with schedule spreadsheets that help you plan, build and execute strategy in the season.

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NBA, WNBA, NFL and NHL Schedules in Excel