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BigDataBall transforms box score stats, odds, play-by-play logs, and DFS data into cleaned-up, aggregated, enriched spreadsheets. You save hours of research and focus only on crunching numbers.
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Don’t lose hours to research for daily sports data! Let us do the hassle work for you and bring the accurate stats while your favorite league goes on.

How In-Season Plans Work?
Purchase an NBA, NFL, MLB or WNBA in-season plan and we send your account creation link. With your account, you sign in and start exporting in-season (team/player/play-by-play/DFS) stats to Excel. You’d like to have another way to access? Join our shared folder on Dropbox to get the daily files pushed to your computer.
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If you want to research historical trends and if you need to backtest your model, then there are the historical datasets. Access to previous seasons of team & player box score stats, play-by-play logs, DFS data. Ideal for building your own historical database.

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Looking for an easier start point? We recommend NBA schedules which help you build, execute your season strategy and target games with all necessary information such as team and opponent rest days provided.
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NBA Historical Schedules
Exportable to Excel, historical NBA schedules includes all games played in regular season and playoffs. Game date, game times, game scores, rest days, opponent rest days and total game minutes provided.
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