How does BigDataBall work?



The year 2010 was the beginning of our journey, and we got our start by providing coverage of the NBA on our reference website, NBAstuffer, for a small group of researchers who required assistance with sports data analysis. Throughout the years, our customers have consistently urged us to broaden our coverage to include additional sports. As a result, in 2014, we launched a new brand called “BigDataBall.” We were finally able to add the WNBA and NFL in 2017, followed by MLB in 2018, and the NHL in 2019. This came about after years of work and preparation.

BigDataBall Logo

In the meantime, another spin-off product called DFSkey, a daily fantasy sports lineup optimizer was released in 2018 after its creators collaborated with experts in the field of sports analytics.

Business Model

Individuals who are interested in analyzing sports data but do not have experience with coding are the target audience for BigDataBall. Accessing datasets that are simple to modify, thoroughly cleaned, and enhanced has been difficult due to the restricted availability of resources and the lack of time available for data collecting. We use a model called crowdsourcing, in which the data that is gathered from our partners is then moderated by a couple of procedures that we are continually investing in developing in an effort to have the partners who are contributing work together in the most effective way that is feasible.

The information is then improved by the addition of calculated parameters such as usage, rest days, timetable, lineups, and efficiency. External datasets such as betting odds and movements as well as daily fantasy sports salaries and positions are also incorporated. This is done to vary the data points for our team/player/play-by-play customers as well as DFS users who derive value, insight, and a competitive edge from the sports data. All of the datasets are currently being moved into the validation phase, which entails the partner charting faults being fixed in order to guarantee the output’s precision.

In light of the fact that we have endeavored to provide a concise explanation of how we operate, it would not be right of us not to mention our support service in order to secure your tranquility. You should expect a response within the next twelve hours at the very latest.