NBA Regular Season Schedule

NBA 2023-2024 schedule features regular season and in-season tournament games. NBA schedule spreadsheets in Excel include the game date, game-time (both eastern and local times provided), team, opponent team, rest days (for both own team and opponent), tournament group and venue information in chronological order.

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NBA individual team schedule in Excel has all regular-season games plus the in-season tournament games which include the game date, game-time (both eastern and local times provided), team, opponent team, rest days (for both own team and opponent), tournament group information and venue in chronological order.

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NBA 2023-2024 Regular Season Schedules

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League Schedule

NBA 2023-2024 League Schedule



NBA Schedule has all games scheduled including tournament games



  • There has been talk of holding a tournament throughout the season for quite some time, and finally it will actually happen. All 30 teams will participate in the new, 67-game league starting in the 2023-24 season. A team’s record in the regular season includes tournament victories and losses.
  • “The NBA Cup” will be awarded to the tournament’s victor. In addition, if a team reaches the semifinals, its players will receive $100,000, if they lose in the finals, they will receive $100,000, and if they lose in the quarterfinals, they will receive $50,000. An outstanding performer award and an all-tournament squad will also be given out.
  • After a round of group play with each team playing each other once, the top eight teams advance to a single-elimination bracket. In 2022-23, the teams in each conference will be seeded into one of three random groups of five depending on their regular-season performance.
  • The NBA will adjust its regular season scheduling formula so that just 80 games per team are revealed during the offseason. The first two games of the in-season tournament would be added to the total number of scheduled games for the season. The championship game would then be the 83rd and final game of the season. Additional conclusion games against each other would be scheduled for teams that did not qualify for the in-season tournament or were ousted in the quarterfinals in the same conference (if possible) and round to reach 82 games.

Team Schedules

NBA 2023-2024 Regular Season Team Schedules



NBA individual team schedule spreadsheet includes information about 82 regular season games. Columns include; game-date, game-time (eastern and local), road team, home team, rest days and arena.

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