MLB In-Season Play-by-Play Data Season Pass



- One-time payment to access the MLB play-by-play logs in Excel for the entire season.
- This subscription will not automatically renew.
- MLB play-by-play dataset has game-by-game play types, batter-pitcher matchups, pitch-by-pitch data, and the play results.

- Yesterday's updates will be made available until 11 AM (ET)
- Each update is season-to-date and includes all games played, so you can sign-up at any time in the season.

- You can access datasets any time you want with signing in to your account and visiting MLB data delivery page which also can be reached under the 'user-icon' menu located at the upper-right of website.
- If you don't have an existing BigDataBall account, before making payment of this product, you'll be asked to set your account's password at the checkout page.