Does an inseason plan include all past games?

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YES! No matter when you’ve signed up to an in-season plan, you get all past games from the beginning of the season. We will add each day’s data to the season-to-date file to you will always have up-to-date game logs of all games played in regular season and playoffs. The following chart will help you interpret the in-season data delivery …

How does BigDataBall work?

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History In 2010, we started our journey by covering the NBA under our reference website NBAstuffer for a little group of researchers who were in need of sports data analysis. Throughout the years, our users have encouraged us to extend to other sports which led us to start a new brand, “BigDataBall” in 2014. After years of development and preparation, …

How to apply discounts?

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We have three types of discounts explained here. To apply any discount to your shopping cart, you need an appropriate activation link which is generated for your personal use. There is only one pre-requisite to activate discounts, your shopping cart must have eligible items for the discount type before activating the discount. Please note that multiple discount activations can’t be …

How to make secure payments?

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We have integrated our website with the global leaders in payments. Your payment is processed over a secure SSL connection and encrypted with AES-256 which makes your transaction completely safe. To purchase historical datasets/schedules securely, credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex), PayPal or Apple Pay (Apple Pay only appears if you use Safari browser) can be used to make one-off payments via Paddle. …

How will your purchase be shown on your card statement?

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The payment will appear on your bank/card statement as: “PADL*BGDATABALL“. (if you’ve bought historical datasets/schedules/season passes) OR “BIGDATABALL LEWES DEUS“. (if you’ve bought a monthly pass)