Accessing in-season data after the season

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When you have a “season pass” plan, it means that you gain access to the data between the purchase date and expiration date.

It’s very important for you to mind the expiration date and get a copy of the data before the expiry date.

Here are a few things that you should know:

1) During the season, note the expiry date. We also print a notification on the page where you download your in-season datasets.
BigDataBall In-Season Plans

2) Once the season is over, we strongly recommend downloading the datasets for which you have had an in-season plan.

3) Make sure to stay opted-in to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to be in the know of the expiration dates.

4) Unfortunately, we can’t help you access past season’s data if the announced expiry date is passed.

5) To get forever access, you’d need to get it from historical datasets.

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