NBA Play-by-Play FAQ

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In the new format, for the event of substitutions, entered and left players are shown in two separate rows. In old format, we used to show both players in same rows.

Player column now lists player ID and player name together like 1626167/Myles Turner

We have added new fields to the end of our CSV format to enrich the data. So, the old format remains fully compatible with the new format. The additional fields are:

  • home_team
  • away_team
  • team_possession
  • time_actual
  • qualifiers1
  • qualifiers2
  • qualifiers3
  • qualifiers4
  • area
  • area_detail
  • official_id

These new fields provide more detailed context and information about each play, enhancing your analysis capabilities without disrupting your existing workflows.

Field Description Purpose Example Value
home_team The name or abbreviation of the home team Identifies the home team in the game BOS (Boston Celtics)
away_team The name or abbreviation of the away team Identifies the away team in the game IND (Indiana Pacers)
team_possession Indicates which team has possession of the ball Provides information on current ball possession BOS (Boston Celtics)
time_actual The exact timestamp of the event in ISO 8601 format Offers precise timing for the event 2024-05-26T00:40:56.0Z
qualifiers1 Additional qualifier for the event Provides extra context or specific details about the play pointsinthepaint
qualifiers2 Another qualifier for the event Adds further detail about the play left
qualifiers3 An additional qualifier for the event Offers more granularity about the event 0-8 Center
qualifiers4 Yet another qualifier for the event Provides comprehensive details about the play Above the Break 3
area General area of the court where the event took place Indicates the broad location on the court right
area_detail More specific area detail within the area Provides detailed spatial information 24+ Right Center
official_id Identifier for the official (referee) involved in the event Tracks which official was present or made a call during the play

converted_x and the converted_y are no longer needed since the new original_x and original_y range from 0 to 100 and are easy to interpret. Here’s a sample of how new coordinates spatially translate to the court.
X,Y Coordinates of an NBA court

Frequently Asked Questions for Play-by-Play Dataset

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