NHL 2022-2023 Regular Season Schedule



NHL schedule in Excel includes all regular season games with columns such as game-date, game-time, team, opponent team, rest days and arenas.

NHL 2022-23 regular season has 1,312 scheduled games, each team will play 82 games as usual. The upcoming NHL season is beginning with the Tampa Bay Lightning at New York Rangers game on Oct. 11.

Last season’s champions, Avalanche will try to defend the title.

Notable games in the NHL 2022-23 schedule include:

  • The 2022 NHL Thanksgiving: Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers, plus the Lightning hosts the St. Louis Blues.
  • The 2023 Discover NHL Winter Classic: Bruins vs Penguins at Fenway Park in Boston (home of the MLB team Boston Red Sox, on January 2nd, 2023.
  • Hockey Day in Canada, 7 Canadian NHL teams will be playing on January 21, 2023.
  • NHL All-Star Weekend at the FLA Live Arena, featuring the 2023 NHL All-Star Skills on February 3rd, 2023, and the 2023 Honda NHL All-Star Game on February 4th, 2023.

+ 3 or 4 games against the seven other teams in its division
+ 3 games against the eight teams in the other division in its conference
+ 2 games two games against the 16 teams from the other conference.

The NHL 22/23 regular season ends on April 13, 2023.

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