WNBA 2023 Schedule



2023 WNBA schedule in Excel includes a total of 240 regular season & Commissioner's Cup games with columns such as game-date, game-time, competition, team, opponent team, rest days and arena information.


The WNBA 2023 season (Women’s National Basketball Association) will be its 27th season. The defending champions are the Las Vegas Aces.

What Changed?

  • The expansion of the regular season to 40 games per team represents the most games ever scheduled in a single WNBA season.
  • The 2022 season featured a 36-game schedule, the previous best for the regular season.
  • This season will also mark the second consecutive year of an all-series playoff format, which was reinstated in 2022. In the first round, the superior seed will host the first two games, as opposed to the 1–1–1 format used in 2015.
  • The WNBA semifinals and championship will remain the best-of-five series.
  • This season, enforcing the so-called “prioritization clause” in the collective bargaining agreement between the league and its players’ union is arguably the most significant change to the league. For the upcoming season, players with more than two years of prior WNBA service who do not report to their teams by the designated start of training camp or May 1, whichever date is later, will be subject to mandatory penalties. Those who miss the beginning of the regular season will receive a season-long suspension. Those who miss the commencement of training camp after 2024 will be suspended for the entire season.