NFL 2022 Regular Season Schedule



2022 NFL schedule in Excel includes 272 regular season games with columns such as game-date, game-time, team, opponent team and stadium of the home team.

About the NFL 2022 Season
The NFL released the NFL 2022 regular-season schedule, with selected games announced in advance of the full schedule release. The season is planned to be played over an 18-week schedule beginning on September 8, and Playoffs are scheduled to begin on January 14th, 2023.

With a new season comes, potential playoff matchups, and Super Bowl contenders will play each other during NFL 2022 regular season. Many are eager to see how the league will get back up and running. For now, we’ll just have to wait and see!

Washington Football Team renamed itself the Washington Commanders.

The new season will be the 103rd of the NFL, giving football fans a lot of games to watch when they download NFL 2022 regular season schedule spreadsheet.